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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Celeb BB VIDEOS: Day 13 - Housemates Twin Up

Today's task had the Big Brother housemates double up and impersonate each other. Jedward quizzed the twins and some housemates would end up getting rather messy - what do you expect when Jedward are involved?!

Day 13 - Pamela's British Accent

Pamela tries out an English accent - Lucien and Bobby are not impressed.

Day 13 - Housemates Impersonate Marcus Bentley

Amy, Kerry and Jedward take turns to impersonate Big Brother voice over extraordinaire Marcus Bentley...

Day 13 - Darryn's Message For His Girlfriend

Darryn takes advantage of some alone time in the garden to let his better half know he's thinking of her.

Day 13 - Double Trouble - The Final

In the final of the Double Trouble task, Head Twins Jedward picked Amara and Perry to compete for the title of Best Twins. Jedward then tested the other housemates' "Twintuition" by touching one of the pair with an implement.

Day 13 - Amara Strike A Pose!

Tara practices her Amy impression in front of the mirror, making everyone else well jeal.

Day 13 - Jedward Interrogate Perry

As part of the Double Trouble task, Jedward test Kerry's knowledge of Paddy.

Day 13 - Darryn And Kerry Cuddle

Darryn and Kerry share a stinky embrace - even after a shower, Kerry still smells of garlic!

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