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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

POLL: Which Was Your Favourite Series Of Big Brother? - The Results

Our poll asked, 'Which was your favourite series of Big Brother?' and people voted throughout the year, but it was BB11 that came top because most people voted after the last series ended. Josie Gibson was a firm favourite right from the start, winning 37% of the vote (down from 40%+ before Celebrity Big Brother started on C5).

BB7 with Pete Bennett and BB5 with Nadia Almada were 2nd and 3rd, as voters seemed to love the events from those series. Brian Dowling's BB2 was surprisingly near the bottom of the poll, even though he was crowned 'Ultimate Housemate' last year. Here are your results:

BB1 when Craig Philips won 10 (7%)

BB2 when Brain Dowling won 6 (4%)

BB3 when Kate Lawler won 10 (7%)

BB4 when Cameron Stout 4 (2%)

BB5 when Nadia Almada won 12 (8%)

BB6 when Anthony Hutton won 8 (5%)

BB7 when Pete Bennett won 15 (10%)

BB8 when Brian Belo won 6 (4%)

BB9 when Rachel Rice won 6 (4%)

BB10 when Sophie Reade won 9 (6%)

BB11 when Josie Gibson won 52 (37%)

Votes: 138

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