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Monday, 29 August 2011

Celeb BB VIDEOS: Day 11 - Big Brother Punishes Housemates

Big Brother got tough with the celebrity housemates and switched off the hot water for rule breaking, Jedward were also punished and forced to wear baby outfits. Watch all the Celebrity Big Brother videos from Day 11 inside the house.....

Day 11 - Bobby And Tara Break The Rules

Big Brother informs housemates that hot water has been banned in the house after Bobby and Tara broke Big Brother rules and discussed nominations earlier today.

Day 11 - Paddy Gets Domesticated

It's time to change the beds and Paddy gets stuck in, much to his housemates amusement. Kerry steps in and offers him some useful tips, has our Paddy finally become domesticated?

Day 11 - Kerry And Amy Take On Lucien

Amy and Kerry enjoy teasing Lucien after he impersonates Amy and cheekily offends Kerry.

Day 11 - Lucien's Nomination Turmoil

After leaving the Diary Room Lucien has doubts over his nomination choices.

Day 11 - Jedward Forced To Dress As Babies

As punishment for their childish behaviour Big Brother have given Jedward baby costumes to wear until further notice.

Day 11 - Kerry Gives Birth In Big Brother House.

Jedward help Kerry to give birth in The House!

Day 11 - Lucien's Perfect Women

Lucien describes his perfect woman to Kerry.

Day 11 - Is There A House Divide?

Paddy, Darryn and Kerry discuss whether the American Housemates are bearing up under the pressure of the House.

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