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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Celebrity Big Brother VIDEOS: Day 16 - Amy Childs Dirty Dancing

An eventful Day 16 on Celebrity Big Brother from Jedward's late night trolley dash to Amy and Lucien's Dirty Dancing .... oh yes and another eviction took place! Here are the Channel 5 videos:

Day 16: Amy And Lucien Do Some Dirty Dancing

Housemates are celebrating surviving eviction. Lucien and Amy try some dirty dancing .

Day 16: Tara Reid Evicted

Brian Dowling reveals who stays and who goes during eviction #3

Day 16 - Jedward's Trolley Dash

With just 5 minutes to get a weeks worth of shopping for the house Jedward traverse the aisles of a popular budget supermarket.

Day 16: Lucien and Kerry's Eviction Predictions

Lucien and Kerry discuss which of the 4 nominated housemates may be evicted tonight.

Day 16: Darryn Moans About Food

Mr Paparazzi complains about the food situation to anybody who will listen.

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