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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Celeb BB: Housemates Punished By Big Brother AGAIN!

Day 13: The housemates learned a valuable message today - Big Brother doesn’t take rule breaking lightly. At 2pm today all housemates were called into the Living Room. Big Brother announced that under no circumstances were nominations ever to be discussed, a few raised eyebrows in the Living Room gave the first indication that this rule hadn’t been taken seriously enough.

Firstly, Big Brother named and shamed the culprits by repeating word for word a conversation between Lucien and Darryn. In the conversation Lucien implied that he had nominated Darryn for eviction and felt remorseful. Having heard the conversation a shocked Lucien buried his head in his hands.

Darryn and Lucien weren’t the only rule breakers though; Pamela and Tara were also caught out for speaking about nominations. Big Brother, narrated the entire conversation between the two forcing the tense housemates to listen.

As punishment Big Brother announced that the hot water would be turned off until further notice and the power supply to hairdryers and strengtheners would be stopped. How will some of the housemates cope with these restrictions? Will they be frustrated with those who were silly enough to try and fool Big Brother?

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