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Friday, 2 September 2011

Celeb BB: Shop Till You Drop Task

Day 15: The shopping task this week will see Housemates competing against each other in the most epic shopping task to date .... they will literally shop ‘til they drop.

The housemates were called into the garden to take part in the first part of the Task a ‘Carry-a-bag’ competition test of ‘strength’. They were each asked to take two carrier bags filled with cotton wool from stand on a circular disc. They were then instructed to raise their arms to their sides to horizontal level, holding a shopping bag in each hand. There were a few moments of panic when an uninvited wasp decided to briefly settle on Amy’s bag but other than that the eager housemates got off to a strong start.

Rules were simple, if one or both of a housemate’s arms drop down to their side, they will be eliminated by Big Brother. The garden was transformed into a series of grunts and strains as the housemates tried to hold aloft the bags of shopping. Amy was first to drop her arms followed by Tara, Darryn, Paddy and Lucien.

Looking remarkably unaffected by the Task; Jedward, Bobby and Kerry managed to hold their bags of shopping at arms length for the longest amount of time and as a result were the winners of this part of the Task.

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