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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Celeb BB: Double Trouble Task Revealed

Day 13: Big Brother thought it was about time that the Housemates got to know each other a little better, and we mean really get to grips with what it’s like in one another’s shoes.... quite literally.

The task will see our celebrities learning what it’s like to have a double by being paired up with one of their fellow Housemates and turned into identical twins! Not only that, they will literally be joined together by their wrists to ensure they are linked at all times.

The housemates must copy and mimic the characteristics of their dominant twin in order to impress Jedward, who will then decide which 2 pairs of twins are the most alike. The chosen 4 will be blindfolded, sat back to back, and their ‘twin tuition’ will be tested by Big Brother.

The pairings will be as follows:

Perry – Paddy and Kerry (Kerry dressed as Paddy)

Darluc – Darryn and Lucien (Lucien dressed as Darryn)

Amara – Amy and Tara (Taradressed as Amy)

Pambob – Pamela and Bobby (Bobby dressed as Pamela)

Jedward, already being expert twins, will be given the all-important role of ‘Head Twins’ and will monitor the others to ensure they are carrying out all assigned twin duties to the highest standard. Additionally they will be given a choice of items to carry out their tests – A fish, a custard pie, a feather duster and an inflatable hammer.

Will there be some matches made in heaven, or will there be a case of just one too many peas in a pod?

The all-round winning set of twins will be highly rewarded by Big Brother with a very special treat…

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