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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Celeb BB: Fright Night Task Results

Day 12 Had the housemates attempting to eat disgusting garlic dishes in order to win tickets to watch Fright Night 3D in Big Brother’s new task room cinema. The results were:

Tara vs. Amy: Garlic Smothies – Tara won

Darryn vs. Bobby: Garlic Cereal – Bobby won

Paddy vs. Lucien: Garlic Ice Cream – Paddy won

Pamela vs. Kerry: Garlic Chocolates – Pamela won

John vs. Edward: Garlic Jelly – John won

Stars Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Anton Yelchin went into the house to deliver the results and the golden tickets. They also had one extra golden ticket to give away, but in order for a housemate to win it, they had to attempt to eat a garlic kebab skewer. Unable to contemplate spending the evening apart from his brother, Edward took on the challenge. He didn’t manage to eat all the garlic, but the actors appreciated his effort and gave him the ticket anyway.

Christopher and Anton took the winning housemates into the cinema room, introduced their new movie and said their goodbyes. The housemates then sat down to watch the movie with our six lucky channel 5 competition winners who were all at the back of the cinema dressed as skeletons, along with Jamie from Bit On The Side. Pamela throughout the film looked like she was trying to fold into a crease of the chair, whilst Jedward next to her were having a hair-raising experience.

Those lucky contest winners got to get scared witless along with the Big Brother Idols, not sure if this was a Trick or a Treat but everyone left with smiles on their faces.

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