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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Celeb BB 2011: Day 2 VIDEOS

Here are all the official Channel 5 Celebrity Big Brother videos from Day 2, including the fallout from Kerry Katona's live nominations. Darryn celebrates his birthday inside the house and the girls get hot and steamy!

Day 2 - Darryn's Birthday Song

Half of Jedward (John) joins forces with Tara to produce a special song for Darryn's birthday.

Day 2 - Darryn's Birthday

As it's Darryn's birthday housemates are treated to a party in The Garden.

Day 2 - Sally Thinks She's Going

Kerry apologises to a distressed Sally, who's convinced that she'll be evicted.

Day 2 - Nominations - The Fallout

The Housemates react as Kerry returns from her live nominations.

Day 2 - The Diva Votes Are In

The Housemates have been called to the garden to vote on who they think is the biggest diva. The Housemates still did not know that Kerry had a secret task, and the outcome of the vote will have an effect later.

Day 2 - Hot Gossip

Kerry and Amy have a girly chat in the sauna. The main topics of conversation - boys and their fellow housemates.

Day 2 - Tongues And Thumbs

Kerry and Tara show off their party tricks to the other housemates.

Day 2 - Amy Plans A Makeover

Amy tells Jedward that she's going to make them look 'more Essex'. We look forward to seeing the boys' new look in future!

Day 2 - Jedward's Early Morning Swim

Just 5 minutes after being woken up by Big Brother, Jedward decided to brave the cold and go for a swim in the pool to wake themselves up.

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